The decorated glass, ceramics and porcelain since 1989

The company Condec s.r.o. is engaged in the production of decorated glass, ceramics and porcelain.

The production is based on glass, ceramics and porcelain decoration.

The decoration makes use of printings burnouts, hand-made drawings and other technologies.

Our production lines abandon beer mugs, beer tumblers, bottles and goblets with beer logos and comic schemes, hand-decorated goblets, jubilees, sets of decorated glass or porcelain sets, beer mugs with tin lids, beer tankards and other products.

Our assortiment may be sold in stores which focus on the sales of glass, porcelain. We sell the decorated glass to breweries and other producers of drinks. We sell the coffee mugs for commercial use with advertising printings.

The tradition of our production dates back to the year 1989 when the production was started by the contemporary company founder, being a personal entity in that times, and representing the company Condec s.r.o. now.

In the duration of several years, we have been supplying an array of Czech breweries and wholesale businesses with our products.

It is possible to finds these products on the promotion desks of specialized shops or various trade chains.