Condec s.r.o. – decorated glass, ceramics and porcelain

Our business deals with different types of glass, ceramics and porcelain decoration. We have been focused on decorative transfers, direct printing and glass painting, especially.

The decorations are placed on different types of bottles, glasses, goblets, footed tumblers, glazed cups, beer mugs, jugs with a handle, slugs, ceramic and porcelain cups, ceramic beer mugs.

The printing outputs are represented by advertising articles, decorative glass and ceramics, decorated domestic glasses, gifts, etc. The decoration schemes consist of company logos, comic and ornamental motives and patterns, etc.



We have been supplying breweries with beer glass, tumblers, beer mugs, decorated beer bottles, beer tankards and ceramic beer mugs. We cap the beer mugs with tin lids.

The decorated mugs, tumblers and other other drinking glass are mostly sold to different producers of drinks. The ceramic coffee mugs represent a suitable advertising article for the suppliers of coffee or tea.



The commercial printing is usually used by the companies for their promotion.
Even you can place your logo onto the advertising articles.

The decorated glass and ceramics is usually purchased by an array of distributors of household and advertising articles. In the retail business, sets of decorated glass proved to be popular.

Even non-decorated products may be sold on favorable conditions.